Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it a mango or a Bell pepper??

I havent blogged in quite a while and thought I would share one of my first cooking expierences I had after I got married. I just recently picked up a cookbook called the Pioneer Woman and it took me back to my first try at cooking a steak . This is funny, Phillip had just purchased a beautiful steak that he couldnt wait to sink his teeth into. He handed this over into my very incapable hands to cook it up...big mistake LOL! The only thing I had ever heard about cooking a steak was make sure it was well done. So I was trying to save him from some terrible food bourne illness..Right?? Well he took a shower and I got to cooking ..needless to say when he was through with his shower..I had cooked that gorgeous steak so long that it had curled up like a taco :) He asked me" what happened" and I said "what do you mean" Apparently where he comes from the steak still moos when its served up on the plate! He had no idea he married a cutie that couldn't cook..so funny! After many years Phillip has taught me how to cook and try all sorts of new foods. He also explained that a bell pepper is not called a Mango ..this is a Wva thing :) thanks Alisha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Doubts, doubts go AWAY

 Life is so Fun and sometimes also overwhelming. I am going back to school and it is funny how much I doubted my own abilities. I like knowing that I have proved my doubting wrong " I can do all things through Christ" what I have realized is that doubting is normal but pushing past it is imperative to succeeding. I am determined to keep pushing and believing, and whatever doubts you may have about your abilites TEST them before you accept it as your truth! Alisha :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

So what's our next big adventure???

So we tackled our first 5k....Praise the Lord :) Now onto something else. Any ideas out there? please feel free to make suggestions( No Bungee jumping or diving out of airplanes ) LOL ..I like being able to walk and feed myself. It was exciting to challenge ourselves and participate in a healthy event, that supported a great cause...Paul Ambrose trail for health!! I Hope we all think about our health and the things we can do to make small changes in getting healthier each day!!Any new Ideas send our way? Is there something you want to do to challenge yourself , please share with us :) Alisha

Thursday, August 11, 2011

5K in the Word of Wonder Pets Donkey " I'm Not Pwepared" LOL! :)

Hey sassy chickees 5K is around the corner and I feel like the donkey actor in the Wonder Pets who is in a dilemna because he has to go on stage and he's Not prepared..LOL. Well I have been training and it has been fabulous my problem comes when I am on my own. The off days of training are tough because you have to be disciplined enough to continue training yourself...Oh my I need help in this area, so I am going to have to lace up my running shoes and get this thing goin hehe!The fun thing about having goals is there is always something to strive for ...this reqires the BIG E...EFFORT!! Don't worry girls I Got this thing , I mean We got this thing ...Whatever your doing...Wherever your going I Hope all roads are pointing you to Greatness in Capturing Your Dreams..Keep Smiling and sharing Inspiration with someone New! Thanks Alisha


Hey girls time is winding down for 5k look out girls here we come LOL! I am excited and a little nervous that I will be prepared enough to get it done! We will do it, in the mean time Candices kiddos go back to school and so do Candice and I we will be crazy busy ...thats life :) Hope you are planning your dreams and attempting to take steps toward them ..they matter in your life! One step at a time..We Can Do it!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OH NOOO ....My Running Buddy is Sick! Now who will tell me if I have under garment issues?:)...only a sister would do that.

Holla Girls!!!
           Today I almost stayed home from my 5k training because my workout buddy a.k.a (my sister) was sick, What was I to do?? Go alone? I could never, all by my little self? LOL ...I had to resist the desire to all of sudden be sick . LOL. So instead I told myself to do the opposite of what I was feeling...You GO Girl..the following questions began rolling in my mind , but who will I talk to? go to the bathroom with? Who will tell me if I have a wedgie? LOL!!! Because you know girlfriends do these things for one another.!Ok to much friend dependency.I went and was sooo glad I did,I  met a new friend in class and she was an awesome mom training to run her 2nd 5k. I would say dont be afraid to go it alone sometimes it opens doors to meeting new friends that are interested in knowing you! have a wonderfully blessed day!! Alisha:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Want PEACE? Stay at your own pace!

This morning as I headed out to meet our training team at the MArshall Rec.Ctr we all got in our regular formation and drill with Moe and Erica our trainers. As they layed out the run before us changing things up a bit we were all pumped and ready to take off!
As sis and I began running and running and running she became somewhat breathless and I looked at her and said, hey the great  thought and truth that brings much pEACE is that we are not running this race to compete or keep up with others faster then us, were running this to become stronger, healthier and attain the level were suppose to attain, not any one else's goal level.
Let's rest in the PEACE of knowing that when were doing any exercising, don't start the mental beat up session on YOURSELF, just exercise at your pace and your body will let you know when its time to step up on your game! Be at PEACE with who you are and where you are starting out in your regiment of fitness.  It's always inspiring and reinvigorating to change things up and chose a variety of fitness experiences to stay focused and keep your drive in check to achieve the best for YOUR health and fitness! please continue your support and share your thoughts and wisdom with all of us at 2 Moms on the run.
God Bless,