Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it a mango or a Bell pepper??

I havent blogged in quite a while and thought I would share one of my first cooking expierences I had after I got married. I just recently picked up a cookbook called the Pioneer Woman and it took me back to my first try at cooking a steak . This is funny, Phillip had just purchased a beautiful steak that he couldnt wait to sink his teeth into. He handed this over into my very incapable hands to cook it up...big mistake LOL! The only thing I had ever heard about cooking a steak was make sure it was well done. So I was trying to save him from some terrible food bourne illness..Right?? Well he took a shower and I got to cooking ..needless to say when he was through with his shower..I had cooked that gorgeous steak so long that it had curled up like a taco :) He asked me" what happened" and I said "what do you mean" Apparently where he comes from the steak still moos when its served up on the plate! He had no idea he married a cutie that couldn't cook..so funny! After many years Phillip has taught me how to cook and try all sorts of new foods. He also explained that a bell pepper is not called a Mango ..this is a Wva thing :) thanks Alisha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Doubts, doubts go AWAY

 Life is so Fun and sometimes also overwhelming. I am going back to school and it is funny how much I doubted my own abilities. I like knowing that I have proved my doubting wrong " I can do all things through Christ" what I have realized is that doubting is normal but pushing past it is imperative to succeeding. I am determined to keep pushing and believing, and whatever doubts you may have about your abilites TEST them before you accept it as your truth! Alisha :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

So what's our next big adventure???

So we tackled our first 5k....Praise the Lord :) Now onto something else. Any ideas out there? please feel free to make suggestions( No Bungee jumping or diving out of airplanes ) LOL ..I like being able to walk and feed myself. It was exciting to challenge ourselves and participate in a healthy event, that supported a great cause...Paul Ambrose trail for health!! I Hope we all think about our health and the things we can do to make small changes in getting healthier each day!!Any new Ideas send our way? Is there something you want to do to challenge yourself , please share with us :) Alisha

Thursday, August 11, 2011

5K in the Word of Wonder Pets Donkey " I'm Not Pwepared" LOL! :)

Hey sassy chickees 5K is around the corner and I feel like the donkey actor in the Wonder Pets who is in a dilemna because he has to go on stage and he's Not prepared..LOL. Well I have been training and it has been fabulous my problem comes when I am on my own. The off days of training are tough because you have to be disciplined enough to continue training yourself...Oh my I need help in this area, so I am going to have to lace up my running shoes and get this thing goin hehe!The fun thing about having goals is there is always something to strive for ...this reqires the BIG E...EFFORT!! Don't worry girls I Got this thing , I mean We got this thing ...Whatever your doing...Wherever your going I Hope all roads are pointing you to Greatness in Capturing Your Dreams..Keep Smiling and sharing Inspiration with someone New! Thanks Alisha


Hey girls time is winding down for 5k look out girls here we come LOL! I am excited and a little nervous that I will be prepared enough to get it done! We will do it, in the mean time Candices kiddos go back to school and so do Candice and I we will be crazy busy ...thats life :) Hope you are planning your dreams and attempting to take steps toward them ..they matter in your life! One step at a time..We Can Do it!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OH NOOO ....My Running Buddy is Sick! Now who will tell me if I have under garment issues?:)...only a sister would do that.

Holla Girls!!!
           Today I almost stayed home from my 5k training because my workout buddy a.k.a (my sister) was sick, What was I to do?? Go alone? I could never, all by my little self? LOL ...I had to resist the desire to all of sudden be sick . LOL. So instead I told myself to do the opposite of what I was feeling...You GO Girl..the following questions began rolling in my mind , but who will I talk to? go to the bathroom with? Who will tell me if I have a wedgie? LOL!!! Because you know girlfriends do these things for one another.!Ok to much friend dependency.I went and was sooo glad I did,I  met a new friend in class and she was an awesome mom training to run her 2nd 5k. I would say dont be afraid to go it alone sometimes it opens doors to meeting new friends that are interested in knowing you! have a wonderfully blessed day!! Alisha:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Want PEACE? Stay at your own pace!

This morning as I headed out to meet our training team at the MArshall Rec.Ctr we all got in our regular formation and drill with Moe and Erica our trainers. As they layed out the run before us changing things up a bit we were all pumped and ready to take off!
As sis and I began running and running and running she became somewhat breathless and I looked at her and said, hey the great  thought and truth that brings much pEACE is that we are not running this race to compete or keep up with others faster then us, were running this to become stronger, healthier and attain the level were suppose to attain, not any one else's goal level.
Let's rest in the PEACE of knowing that when were doing any exercising, don't start the mental beat up session on YOURSELF, just exercise at your pace and your body will let you know when its time to step up on your game! Be at PEACE with who you are and where you are starting out in your regiment of fitness.  It's always inspiring and reinvigorating to change things up and chose a variety of fitness experiences to stay focused and keep your drive in check to achieve the best for YOUR health and fitness! please continue your support and share your thoughts and wisdom with all of us at 2 Moms on the run.
God Bless,

Monday, July 18, 2011

"I want my BINKY STOP CAR STOP" Effective ways to destress! :) and defy gravity

Okay today I am not speaking about my get healthy be a fit mommy goals, I am sharing about how I destress when I am feeling my stress level rise. On the way to my moms I was driving and Haven dropped her binky and yes she is too old for a binky , but thats something I am sure we will discuss under another topic such as why I never get sleep anymore LOL!!:)Anyhow I heard it pop out of her mouth and hit the floor and I knew it was coming," I dropped my Binky Stop car stop whaaaaa!!! LOL I began to explain " mommy cant get the binky right now , I cant pull the car over."I want my Binky stop car".I began to say" we have to learn to wait , we cant always get what we want when we want it".I said Breathe in thru your nose out thru your mouth , I looked in my rear view mirror demonstating this method she looked at me strange and began to giggle, I kept demonstating and before I knew it she  had forgotten about the binky and I was really calm myself LOL!  Loved watching her try to suck air thru her nose and exhale like a fish thru her mouth. And guess what the binky is still in the car and she is on to something else LOL! When you feel stress take a deep breath in and exhale it out. I will try this again especially while waiting in a long line at walmart! Well that or squeezing my buns together at least its helping defy gravity.:) and that is my fit tip SQUEEZE YOUR BUNNS TOGETHER! lol BY: Alisha .H

Sunday, July 17, 2011

WE are a growing community of women

We are a growing community of women please join us and share your story of inspiration or be inspired!Go to 2 moms on the run  on Facebook and click like to join this community of fab women!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hairy pits, grungy teeth and a downed tree NOO nothing will stop us GIRLS!

 When I say nothing is gonna stop us I mean nothing, woke up to a downed tree that I had to climb over to catch a ride with my sis. We made it Girls! Sorry to say I forgot to shave my underarms and Candice didnt get to brush her teeth LOL, what a sight we were.Dont think for a minute that our trainer gave us a break got on the field and she gave us immediate instructions, bunny hops , lunges, squats, planks, bicycles. running we did it girls!So what got in your way today ? figure a way around it, You can do it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dare to Dream

Taking some texts from a book that was given to me as a gift, titled YOU CAN DO IT! THis book was purchased and given to me by my sister Alisha about 2 years ago while living in Louisville,Ky. My sister and I have always been so close and best friends that share everything together.......conversations about our kids,our spouses,our disappointments,our joys,our needs,our wants, and almost all the time when we called each other, which was approximately everyday 2 x a day, we shared in our conversations Our Passions.....Our Dreams!

Always talking about it but never really pursuing, but this has all since changed as of this past spring. We both are proving that by just "DOING IT" something inside you begins to transpire and change and cause such a driving force that is unstoppable like the force of a mothers LOVE nothing will change that LOVE for your child, nothing will stop a mommas LOVE from helping her child,from caring for that child and giving it all that it needs, nothing that is most fearful will STOP that force of a mommas LOVE! I'm sure all you mothers could agree?
I must share that beginning college this past spring at 35 years of age was quite an unusual feeling of mixed emotions for me but the way GOD so orchestrated everything was simply a GOD THING as some  call it! I literally tasted,dreamed,daydreamed and often envisioned myself going to college with my sister but now it was actually a reality that was being birthed right before my eyes as we both walked across campus from class to class also with us our cousin Thomasina.
How I sit back and am so WOWED by GOd's handy work in placing those dreams in my mind and heart, the passions as well! I have faced fear right in the face and God has shown me that there is nothing impossible with HIM and through HIM! I can achieve with HIM! He is leading me to face all the fear that has tried and has bound my mind at times that I couldn't succeed because of my past, my family's past, my insecurities, but certain areas of fear in my life have been broken and I am literally seeing the lies the enemy has placed before me come crashing down,being dissolved, disappearing like a vapor! Christ has placed in me a greater purpose then my own agenda.
A statement from this book states this, "It is not because things are difficult that we do not DARE; but it is because we do not DARE that they are difficult."
THis statement is so powerful and it use to ring loud like a school bell in my life. My life literally became so difficult because I wouldn't DARE step out by faith and try those things I dreamed of doing or pursuing! It just takes timing and one step forward to falling into the deep waters of our dreams and in doing so discovering that we have left the shoreline of fear,doubt,and worry that we realize it was there all the time just like the ocean was there the entire time waiting for us to take the plunge and discover all the treasures and joys GOd has to show us that He wants to do in our lives to free us to DARE and help others to be freed to DARE and just DO IT!
Here's a last lil tidbit or golden nugget for you, from Lauren Grandcolas in the book YOU CAN DO IT .............

"I rarely regret things I have done,but often regret things I haven't-whether its a dinner invitation I turned down, a class I didn't take,or a trip I thought I was too busy for. Why is that it's so much easier to talk ourselves out of things than into things? I suppose "just say NO" has it's place,but to really live, I'm learning it's also important to say, YES"..............Maria

Be Blessed,

Friday, July 8, 2011

So whats got your undies in a BUNCH???

Have you ever shared an idea or a dream you have for yourself with someone else and they look at you like they've got their undies in a bunch! LOL

   I know what you mean, 2 moms on the run wants to be your encourager. We want women to see if we can share and accomplish our dreams YOU can too. Our vision is NOT to make it all about us, but to make it about ALL of us, You know women like you and me!

 Its scary to have a dream in your heart and hold it there in secret protecting it from what people will think if you share it,how they might reject it or dismantle it with all the reasons it just wont work. Nevertheless you must share it , once it is released it then becomes a possibilty. Yeah I know its risky to put yourself out there and be vulnerable but not  everyone is a debbie downer LOL! maybe your journey isnt a 5k, or to jump from a plane, or go back to school but whatever it is embrace its possibilties!!All women need encouragement and support thats what 2 moms on the run is about! What all of us CAN DO! WHEE! Thanks Alisha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Moms On The Run!: Have you ever locked yourself in the bathroom??

2 Moms On The Run!: Have you ever locked yourself in the bathroom??: "Hey girls did you think about what you needed today?I know your probably somewhere near the bottom of your list,just a reminder you matter t..."

Have you ever locked yourself in the bathroom??

Hey girls did you think about what you needed today?I know your probably somewhere near the bottom of your list,just a reminder you matter too.Take a break even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom for a short breather, If your like me you'll probably start wondering how long it will take before you hear MOM?LOL! Take a deep breath in and exhale  YOU GOT THIS GIRL! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do you have workout burnout??

Well girls we all get it  the dreaded same old exercise routine burnout, sometimes doing the same old exercise can get BORING...its great for our minds and our muscles to try something new. I like Zumba a fusion of latin dance and exercise its great fun and after a few minutes ya dont think of it as exercise but you are moving all kinds of muscles! Try something new this week and you might be suprised just how much good a little change can do! Now go gettem girls! :)

Fun on the run

Today I had to do my training outdoors at ritter park. I met Candice and I had to unexpectedly take my little Haven for the run, she wasnt too  fussy, she is 3 yrs old so I was afraid it would be a broken record of I wanna play on the swings but she did okay. I thought about not going but Candice got me movin!Do you ever have times where you have to improvise because of the kiddies what advice do you have to share?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Competition heartburn

 I think at some point or another we have all experienced heartburn,right? Well, today it wasnt heartburn for me but it was COMPETITION burn that I had that I never knew I had! I mean, I thought  I only had it with my spouse in a fun way of course, but today as this fiasty gal set out with my sister on our first day of our 5K training, I discovered I was experiencing a bit of "competition burn" from another young lady. Oh, how it burned and kept nagging at me with such irritant! I was so taken back by my nagging,burning, and irritating desire to compete with another runner that I simply wore myself out thinking, I thought I was good at running! Geezzz shes making circles around me on her "tired day" or lack of "sleep day"as she called it! Anyhoo, I finally chilled out and just decided to go at the pace for me, and enjoy both JOURNEY  and DREAM layed out before me with ease! knowing that where I am, I will not stay, but I will move forward if I focus on the main reason of this new journey to embark on my dreams and desires and I to will achieve greatness through facing new challenges!
So, I popped a couple of "tums"called "EASE" and rested in the fact its not how fast I run but its that I endure to the end and finish my course with all my best efforts put forth no matter who may be stronger,faster, and fitter! its all there to make me strive to give MY best and nothing less. Hoping many journey with us 2moms on the run as we laugh,cry, or "die trying" anything that we think we couldnt do because of fear or sheer complacency!
Journey with Candice

2 Moms On The Run!: Training day with NOOO Sleep!! I did it!

2 Moms On The Run!: Training day with NOOO Sleep!! I did it!: "Okay people today was Training day and I was a little nervous or excited about what we would be learning.Last night was kind of a nightmare ..."

Training day with NOOO Sleep!! I did it!

Okay people today was Training day and I was a little nervous or excited about what we would be learning.Last night was kind of a nightmare for me because my little one decided she wanted to  go to the farm to see the animals, well 4am technically is the next day haha. Phillip took care of her so I could snooze for 2 hours b/c I was going to be back up at 6am. So even though I didnt get 2 more hours of sleep, my alarm went off and I hit the snooze for 30 min. then it went off at 6:30 and so I was up groggily plodding along for my clothes and by the way I forgot to eat something, trainer said to always eat something.

   I met my sister and we headed to the Rec. center, we were greeted by two trainers who were friendly and knowledgeable. The great thing abut them is they started me off right where I belonged as a beginner. So we did the treadmill for 30 min. and then out to the lawn for lunges and sprints = Bun and Thigh Pain. What I would say is that there will always be some sort of obstacle we face that could cause us to just rollover and get our rest, but then that would be  too comfortable for those pressing towards a goal. Yes I was sleepy at first and I wanted to stay in bed but I have Big girl dreams to get to , and so do you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Can do this ...OH yes we Can

 Every woman has a dream for herself, plans for her life, things she wants to accomplish. What are your dreams ? And what are you doing today to make them happen? This 5k journey is just the begining of my dreams and I plan to put one foot in front of the other to accomplish my dreams. I Love the saying " If it is to be it is up to me" so true no one can do it but us!Ever heard of the you can do it book, its a grown up badge book for women, it allows you to dream and guides you on how to accomplish them. Candice and I are going to use this book to blog about because we are going to actually set out to follow our dreams.Please feel free to share your dreams with us, We can inspire one another! GO GIRLS!! We are planning on sharing one of our accomplishments with you our public speaking presentation we had to give in class, I know public speaking makes a lot of people cringe, but even though we were scared we did it anyways and that is the premise do the things that terrify you and then they wont terrify you anymore.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Day new 5K team

Today is the day to go get our 5K refund and head over to Marshall's Rec.Ctr and sign up with a new team to train,train,train,train! HoooooAAAHHHHH! We can do this, we can do this,we can do this!
Oh yea, Its my bday, oh yea it's my bday! hahahah!
So Sorry friends, I'm having a caffeine rush this morning and my mommy mind is already dancing with it's partner named, "things to do"! Oh how the list goes on and on! Have I ran this morning,? No, but I'm definitely running in my head,I will get to it today just a matter of time!
Please keep following us as we share our personal 5k experience as 2moms on the run embarking on our new journey to accomplish or defeat (however you look at it) the 5K this summer!
Thank you for viewing and following us 2momsontherun,

Friday, June 17, 2011

2 moms on the run: 1st training day 5K or scared to death running thr...

2 moms on the run: 1st training day 5K or scared to death running thr...: "Oh dear God, HMmmm which scared me the most? First impression of my trainer or the HOOD he took us to train? I won't mention locations nei..."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st training day 5K or scared to death running through the HOOD!

Oh dear God,
HMmmm which scared me the most? First impression of my trainer or the HOOD he took us to train?
I won't mention locations neither names but it was so scarey we won't go back! We are headed to Marshall University Rec. Ctr. in the morning to pay up and start June 28th with a Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist to join their 5K team! LOL
On a positive note: We sistahs had a blast being together and stepping out meeting new people like us just wanting to improve our health,stay fit, get fit, try a new journey,and have fun! We video taped our silly selves doing it instead of just talking about it!Let's go ......check back soon and here about our other adventure to a new 5K team! :) We will not give up,we will find where we need to be! :)
Candice Porter

Day One / 5k training Journey of a newbie

Today was the big day! Candice and I showed up for our training and had a few surprises. I sense change is on the way. I overheard a lady say she had a baby 13 weeks ago and I was impressed with her determination to shed the baby weight., you go girl!For the first day it wasnt bad, there were many different women that attended all shapes and sizes and varying in age, there is just something special about having a goal and a team working for the same goal that inspires me.This is just the beginning! It is Never too late to set and reach your goals!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2moms 5K Journey

Hey Everyone,My sistah and I are excited to began this blog with much enthusiasm! You might think,What started this blog? Well, it began from a thought yesterday while together! My sis says, hey I want to make jewelry. I say, then let's do it! I said, the only thing different between people who come up with an idea and act on it and it soars beyond their imagination is that they actually JUST DID IT! We JUST TALK IT! SO, as my sis is new to running and I have been broken in by running for about 5 years I have had some sebaticals moments due to injuries and a busy busy Mom life, but we have decided to get back on track and JUST DO IT..... together, so we joined a 5K training team with the YMCA for 16 weeks. We hope that everyone who desires will follow us (crazy sistahs,determined Moms,and new college Moms in our 30's) not only on our 5K journey but also follow us on our Journey to achieve the things we always "all" TALK ABOUT IT but "never" JUST DO IT!                                                                                                                                                     Candice Sheree

5k Journey

    So hello big beautiful World !! Tomorrow begins mine and my sister Candices big journey into the world of running. I am a newbie so wish me luck or prayers or blessings whatever ya feel like doing lol! We will begin a class that prepares us for our first 5k, and like I said I have never been a runner except for chasing my 3yr old. We will both be sharing our expeirences with you, so please tune in for our Big adventure!No more talking just doing!