Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OH NOOO ....My Running Buddy is Sick! Now who will tell me if I have under garment issues?:)...only a sister would do that.

Holla Girls!!!
           Today I almost stayed home from my 5k training because my workout buddy a.k.a (my sister) was sick, What was I to do?? Go alone? I could never, all by my little self? LOL ...I had to resist the desire to all of sudden be sick . LOL. So instead I told myself to do the opposite of what I was feeling...You GO Girl..the following questions began rolling in my mind , but who will I talk to? go to the bathroom with? Who will tell me if I have a wedgie? LOL!!! Because you know girlfriends do these things for one another.!Ok to much friend dependency.I went and was sooo glad I did,I  met a new friend in class and she was an awesome mom training to run her 2nd 5k. I would say dont be afraid to go it alone sometimes it opens doors to meeting new friends that are interested in knowing you! have a wonderfully blessed day!! Alisha:)

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