Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Want PEACE? Stay at your own pace!

This morning as I headed out to meet our training team at the MArshall Rec.Ctr we all got in our regular formation and drill with Moe and Erica our trainers. As they layed out the run before us changing things up a bit we were all pumped and ready to take off!
As sis and I began running and running and running she became somewhat breathless and I looked at her and said, hey the great  thought and truth that brings much pEACE is that we are not running this race to compete or keep up with others faster then us, were running this to become stronger, healthier and attain the level were suppose to attain, not any one else's goal level.
Let's rest in the PEACE of knowing that when were doing any exercising, don't start the mental beat up session on YOURSELF, just exercise at your pace and your body will let you know when its time to step up on your game! Be at PEACE with who you are and where you are starting out in your regiment of fitness.  It's always inspiring and reinvigorating to change things up and chose a variety of fitness experiences to stay focused and keep your drive in check to achieve the best for YOUR health and fitness! please continue your support and share your thoughts and wisdom with all of us at 2 Moms on the run.
God Bless,

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