Thursday, August 11, 2011

5K in the Word of Wonder Pets Donkey " I'm Not Pwepared" LOL! :)

Hey sassy chickees 5K is around the corner and I feel like the donkey actor in the Wonder Pets who is in a dilemna because he has to go on stage and he's Not prepared..LOL. Well I have been training and it has been fabulous my problem comes when I am on my own. The off days of training are tough because you have to be disciplined enough to continue training yourself...Oh my I need help in this area, so I am going to have to lace up my running shoes and get this thing goin hehe!The fun thing about having goals is there is always something to strive for ...this reqires the BIG E...EFFORT!! Don't worry girls I Got this thing , I mean We got this thing ...Whatever your doing...Wherever your going I Hope all roads are pointing you to Greatness in Capturing Your Dreams..Keep Smiling and sharing Inspiration with someone New! Thanks Alisha

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