Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it a mango or a Bell pepper??

I havent blogged in quite a while and thought I would share one of my first cooking expierences I had after I got married. I just recently picked up a cookbook called the Pioneer Woman and it took me back to my first try at cooking a steak . This is funny, Phillip had just purchased a beautiful steak that he couldnt wait to sink his teeth into. He handed this over into my very incapable hands to cook it up...big mistake LOL! The only thing I had ever heard about cooking a steak was make sure it was well done. So I was trying to save him from some terrible food bourne illness..Right?? Well he took a shower and I got to cooking ..needless to say when he was through with his shower..I had cooked that gorgeous steak so long that it had curled up like a taco :) He asked me" what happened" and I said "what do you mean" Apparently where he comes from the steak still moos when its served up on the plate! He had no idea he married a cutie that couldn't cook..so funny! After many years Phillip has taught me how to cook and try all sorts of new foods. He also explained that a bell pepper is not called a Mango ..this is a Wva thing :) thanks Alisha

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